Great American Myth

Stories and sounds told live from the deck of the 1940′s Steam Tugboat Capt. Bob


Constructing and deconstructing figures from the American pantheon

true stories
Music and scores
slam fiction
found sound


Thanks to all who took part and helped out making our May 30th Broadcast happen.  Stay tuned here for videos and records to come out in the next weeks!



Steam Radio Syndicate is the name we’re giving the space itself as it is built out towards being a broadcast studio and venue.  At the moment, the Great American Myth concept is the only project on the table.  In the future the space may be host to many other audio-based projects, podcasts, music, readings.  Partnering in this project are Mark Fisher and Matt Stein, who run Green Anchors the old shipbuilding yard that is the current homebase of the Tugboat (more info on their project at   The venue and broadcast spaces on the boat will remain as the forward sections of the boat are developed into a hostal run by the non-profit Green Anchors.  Eventually when the hostal and the venue/studio spaces are complete they will compliment each other; Green Anchors providing comfortable lodging for visiting artists and Steam Radio Syndicate’s venue as a place to host concerts open to travelers at the hostal and visitors of the Green Anchors project.

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