Great American Myth

Stories and sounds told live from the deck of the 1940’s Steam Tugboat Capt. Bob


Constructing and deconstructing figures from the American pantheon

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Amenta Abioto Returns on the 8th.

Steam Radio Syndicate is thrilled to announce that the talented Amenta Abioto will be joining us once again on the water to do her thing and groove her groove. Abioto's soulful, and unleashed improvisation using looping vocals and percussion will rock the ship again. This time with a Candy Mountain twist. Amenta Abioto Performing at "Stories of the Waterfront"
Songwriter, songstress, and actor, Amenta Abioto is ...

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(example) Al Andalous Ensemble

The core of the Al-Andalus Ensemble is the married couple Tarik and Julia Banzi. Similar to the Renaissance that inspires them, they are scholars, musicians and artists whose lives reflect their commitment to create peaceful understanding between the East and the West. The Banzi's present historically informed performances of Andalusian works and also create new compositions, rooted in the Andalusian legacy. They bring their fresh and invigorating instrumental style to ...

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(example) The Blue Cranes

Since their formation in 2007, Blue Cranes have become a key player in the Portland, Oregon creative music/DIY scene and one of the most exciting groups to keep tabs on in the Northwest. They've developed a singular musical voice grounded in melody and explosive improvisations--marking off their unique microcosmic territory in "post-jazz" circles.

(example) 1939 Ensemble

 1939 Ensemble are an instrumental duo from Portland, OR. Metal and wood. Drums and vibes. Beats and melody. Jose Medeles and David Coniglio. Random precision through noise, 1939 Ensemble doesn’t just cross genres, they both embrace and exploit them, inviting each listener in through the familiar, and leaving them with something new to explore. Drawing influences from Krautrock, jazz & no wave. 1939 Ensemble moves between ominous dissonance noise to sharp bombastic ...

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