Great American Myth

Stories and sounds told live from the deck of the 1940’s Steam Tugboat Capt. Bob


Constructing and deconstructing figures from the American pantheon

true stories
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slam fiction
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Cast, crew, and volunteers are gearing up for another Steam Radio Syndicate broadcast the end of November. The show will tell the story of steel driving man John Henry. 

The Steam Radio Syndicate is a group of performers and creators working together to broadcast song and stories from the deck of the UV746 tugboat.  The project floats and breathes from the all-volunteer crew, although it costs very little, without traditional arts funding it leaves a gap that we need to cover to to be able to feed our guest artists, buy nuts and bolts and get some basic audio equipment on board.

The November 24th show will once again stream live from the tugboat Capt’n Bob on KBOO community radio – Portland 90.7 FM • Hood River 91.9 FM •. Corvallis 104.3 FM, and here is where you can help.

Watch the video from our last broadcast

We are planning the next three broadcasts and need to raise $1,500 to cover production, staging, and marketing costs. Our goal is to grow our base of active listeners and volunteers – producers, writers, storytellers, musicians and technicians. Your small donation can help us get there.

Ten, twenty dollars or more will help us get us there. If you know other art patron friends who might be supportive please share this request – we do appreciate any support you can provide.




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