Great American Myth

Stories and sounds told live from the deck of the 1940’s Steam Tugboat Capt. Bob


Constructing and deconstructing figures from the American pantheon

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Frankie and Johnny! – Radio Spot

Tune into KBOO 90.7 on February 16th from 7-8pm to hear the Steam Radio Syndicate broadcasting live from the UV746 tugboat on the Willamette River. Frankie and Johnny, songs and stories inspired by the classic folk murder ballad.

The Ballad of John Henry – Broadcasting Live 7pm

Tune into KBOO at 90.7 or on the web at tonight to hear a live broadcast from the cast and crew of the Steam Radio Syndicate. The Ballad of John Henry features songs and stories inspired by the classic folk story. Hammers, steam drills and shakers told from across the engine rooms, catwalks and passageways of the 1940's steamship UV746 Live on the air from 7-8pm EST. Check ...

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Video: Big Rock Candy Mountain

The UV746 Tugboat hosts the first of the Steam Folk series, live broadcasts the focus on the stories of classic folk songs. In his broadcast from September 8th, the cast and crew of the steam warship get together to sing/talk/chant/howl from the engine room to the sterndeck and port scuppers. Telling stories and singing songs inspired by The Big Rock Candy Mountain. A tale of hobo utopia ...

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Winter on the UV746

We’ve been putting together the schedule for live events and broadcasts on the tugboat over the winter. * We have some excellent things planned. Stay tuned for it all!* Click to edit the image

A Trainhopper’s Glossary.

In our upcoming broadcast Aaron Dactyl will read from his zine Railroad Semantics about his experiences riding freight. Here’s a little glossary written by Steam Radio Syndicates own Jim Petzold Some terms of the trade:   Jungle:  A hobo camp, usually near the far end of a switch yard or railroad siding where one can watch for incoming & outgoing trains while making Hobo Stew with new ...

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Amenta Abioto Returns on the 8th.

Steam Radio Syndicate is thrilled to announce that the talented Amenta Abioto will be joining us once again on the water to do her thing and groove her groove. Abioto's soulful, and unleashed improvisation using looping vocals and percussion will rock the ship again. This time with a Candy Mountain twist. Amenta Abioto Performing at "Stories of the Waterfront"
Songwriter, songstress, and actor, Amenta Abioto is ...

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Radio Bit

What better way to talk about the project than over the very airwaves.  Check out our promotional piece for our Sept. 8th Broadcast

The Fisher

Steam Radio Syndicate - Podcast from the live May 30th Broadcast,  featuring Moe Bowstern, Geno Leech and MaryMac. Check out Moe's zine Xtra 'Tuff available wherever good things are to be found.  Check back for more of the broadcast. Music by Podington Bear and Oragamibiro Download the episode here Early in the morning, the Fisher goes out alone, the boat his only company. The fish and the sea don’t ...

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