Great American Myth

Stories and sounds told live from the deck of the 1940’s Steam Tugboat Capt. Bob


Constructing and deconstructing figures from the American pantheon

true stories
Music and scores
slam fiction
found sound

The UV746 Tugboat hosts the first of the Steam Folk series, live broadcasts the focus on the stories of classic folk songs. In his broadcast from September 8th, the cast and crew of the steam warship get together to sing/talk/chant/howl from the engine room to the sterndeck and port scuppers. Telling stories and singing songs inspired by The Big Rock Candy Mountain. A tale of hobo utopia with a little dark side and a lake of stew.

We’re trying to raise a little money for a series of winter broadcasts. If you’re interested in helping out check it out here

You can find the full hour-long broadcast at:

Kat Fountain + The Hitzig Brothers
Leo J.
Kitty Rocket
Nate Klett
Mary MacDonald Lewis
Sam Mowry
Amenta Abioto
Elisabeth Pixley-Fink
Aaron Dactyl
Jim Petzold
Tevis Hodge
Hellbender Hans
Bryce Caster
LIsa Lipton
Keith Bishop
Carmen Everingham
Justin Ralls
Leo Daedalus
John Brezenden
Alex Reagan
Amanda Boekelheide
D. Neil Blake
Bennet Bailey
Brian Benson
Elizabeth Pixley-Fink
Sigfried Seeliger
Travis Becker
Travis Stanton
Ruby Grigsby Schultz
Jess Evans
Max Markley
Kate Wylie
Hannon Welch
Johnathon Eadie
Daniel Harrington
Sarah Giles
Mark Fisher
Matt Stein
Kevin Dermond
Susan Griswald
Scott Sutton
Galen Huckins
Nate Klett
Hannah Kramm
Max Markley
Jim Petzold
Joel Shupack
Kitty Rocket
Special Thanks to
The Willamette Radio Workshop
Liminal Theatre
Podington Bear

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